Apples Releases Latest Ad “iPhone X Unlock” With A Look

The latest iPhone X video demonstrates the facial recognition feature on the iPhone X, and the power of using Face ID on the device to unlock it.

This new one minute and eight second video for the iPhone X focuses on the Face ID feature, the ad demonstrates the power of using Face ID to unlock the device and what could happen. The quirky video centers around a high school girl unlocking her iPhone X by using Face ID, which causes an array of chaos to be unlocked as the girl now has the power to unlock hall lockers, janitorial lockers, classroom lockers, and even unlock the gymnasium lockers. The video ends with the girl running out of the school building into the parking lot still using Face ID, and unlocking vehicles and even a guy locked to a pole.

If you’re interested in watching Apple’s new ad, you can watch it above.

  • Casey

    The guy wasn’t locked to a pole, it was his chain and lock necklace…

  • JassieJane

    Cool video, I liked it.

  • Hair

    Good ad