Apple Is Developing Its Own Tech For Better Displays For Its Devices

Word has it that Apple is planning on using its own displays for its future iPhones and Apple Watches, which means the displays could be brighter, and have an improved battery life.

Bloomberg reports that the Cupertino-based company is working on developing new screen technology in California. The development is taking place in a facility in Santa Clara, California, where Apple is testing a small number of MicroLED screens. MicroLED screens are an up-and-coming technology that use different light-emitting compounds compared to OLED displays. The MicroLED screens will make devices brighter, slimmer and have a better battery life.

If you’re hoping to see these displays on the next Apple Watch, it won’t be likely. Bloomberg’s sources say that these displays are far more difficult to produce than OLED displays. In fact, Apple almost scrapped the project a year ago, however, Apple engineers have been making progress and the technology is at an advanced stage.

Creating MicroLED screens is extraordinarily complex. Depending on screen size, they can contain millions of individual pixels. Each has three sub-pixels: red, green and blue LEDs. Each of these tiny LEDs must be individually created and calibrated. Each piece comes from what is known as a “donor wafer” and then are mass-transferred to the MicroLED screen.

Apple producing its own displays means it will no longer have to pay a third-party company, which means this move will hurt its current suppliers like Samsung, LG Display, Japan Display and Sharp Corp.

The company has designed chips powering its mobile devices for several years. Its move into displays has the long-term potential to hurt a range of suppliers, from screen makers like Samsung Electronics Co., Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp. and LG Display Co. to companies like Synaptics Inc. that produce chip-screen interfaces.

To read the entire article, head over to Bloomberg’s website.

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    However, Apple’s screens have always been one of the best.