Google Maps Update For iOS Gives Restaurant Wait Times & Transit Details

Google Maps version 4.47 was released yesterday with new and improved features for iOS users.

If you already have Google Maps downloaded on your iOS device, it’s definitely worth upgrading to the newest version that was released yesterday. Now the app allows users to see the wait times at more than a million restaurants worldwide. Not only that, users can now sort and search through reviews of¬† restaurants, stores and other businesses.

The update also includes a new transit direction feature to help guide users to the right entrance. This particular feature is only available in New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, Los Angeles, Delhi, Moscow, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona, Kiev, and Budapest.

“Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes and awesome new features to help you discover new places and navigate to them:
*) See average wait times at over a million restaurants worldwide.
*) Search and sort through reviews of a place.”

If you’re interested in updating or downloading the app for free, you can head over to the App Store.