Apple Hiring Dozens of Former Texas Instruments Engineers

Due to a shift in strategy, Texas Instruments has said it would be laying off 1,700 employees. Word is that Apple snapped them right up.

In Israel, Apple has been expanding its workforce over the last few weeks. The have tapped former Texas Instruments to build up research and development centers in Hertezliya and Haifa. Sources say they’ve been hiring dozens of engineers after it began cutting around 250 jobs.

Many of the engineers were working ata  development center focusing on the development of TI’s OMAP process or and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio chips. Apple obviously wants to take advantage of their skills in this area for use in their own devices. This group will be headed by SVP Bob Mansfield, who came out of retirement to do so.

Late last year, Apple acquired Anobit, a 200-employee fables semiconductor company based in Israel. It looks like the company is looking to make some big moves in semi-conductor tech in the future.