A Patent Infringement Lawsuit Has Been Filed Regarding The Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor

The latest news isn’t good news regarding Apple and the Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor. It seems the company has infringed on four patents belonging to another company.

A small company by the name of Omni MedSci has filed a lawsuit against Apple, the lawsuit claims that Apple met with the company over a period of times from 2014 to 2016 to discuss forming a partnership and using the company’s patent reference to a light source on a wearable device. The two companies continued to negotiate a partnership, but in the final stages no partnership was developed. The lawsuit also stated that after the negotiation ended, Apple went ahead and used four patents that belonged to Omni MedSci¬†technology in the Apple Watch without Omni MedSci consent or completing a partnership.

The Michigan based company was founded by Dr. Mohammed Islam, who specializes in optical and laser technology, and also teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Deportment at the University of Michigan. Dr. Islam is seeking damages and an injunction against sales of the Apple Watch.

Source: brg, Engadget