Apple Giving up Its 2013 Super Bowl Spot

While Samsung have secured their spot, Apple has passed on marketing a super Bowl ad, again.

Ad prices have increased year after year, with advertisers paying as much as  $3.5 million for a thirty-second spot during the Super Bowl. But given Apple’s lucrative position I doubt money is the reason for why they aren’t going after the football game’s huge audience. During the Apple-Samsung trial it was revealed Apple spent $346.6 million on advertisements for the iPhone and iPad in fiscal 2010. This was for the United States alone. Samsung has an advertising budget of $12 billion annually.

Most likely it’s because Apple doesn’t have to advertise. While Samsung have been poking fun at Apple’s fans that stand out in line on launch day, it’s obviously working for them.

In fact, quite a few phone ads at the Super Bowl have taken swipes at Apple in the past few years. And Apple doesn’t have to defend itself.