Israeli Agency Is Investigating Apple’s iPhone Slow-Down

The Israel Consumer Protection on Fair Trade Authority has started an investigation against Apple regarding the issue with the iPhone slowdown.

It doesn’t seem like the problem with Apple’s iPhone slow-down controversy will be going away too soon. News reports state that now Israel protection agency has been added to the list in starting an investigation into why Apple failed to inform consumers about the company’s software that could slow the performance in some iPhones.

The issue with the iPhone slow battery was disclosed in late 2017, that’s when consumers became aware that some iPhones were being throttled. The Israel Consumer Protection agency has already started questioning Rony Friedman, who is the head person over Apple in Israel, the protection agency mentioned that it does have the authority to levy “significant fines” in civil proceedings, but since the case is still in the early stages, it’s too early to say just how the agency will handle this case.

Other countries have already launched inquires and investigations into this issue, which includes China, Italy, South Korea, France, Brazil, and the United States.

Source: MacRumors, Reuters