Apple Might Start The Production Of The iPhone 6S Plus In India Soon

Apple has plans on starting the production of the iPhone 6S Plus at its new factory in southern India in order to lower the price for consumers in India.

Apple is hoping to slash the price of its iPhone 6S Plus model for Indian consumers by setting up a factory in Bengaluru, formally known as Bangalore, in less than two weeks. Back in February, India’s government raised tariffs on its smartphones from 15 to 20 percent which caused Apple to explore new measures to lower the price of its device to compete with other smartphone makers.

If Apple is able to make all of its iPhone 6S Plus models in India, the local manufacturing could drop prices by 5-7 percent; this would allow for Apple to sell the 6S Plus around the same price as the OnePlus or certain Samsung phones.

“As per the executives, locally produced iPhone 6s Plus can bring down prices by 5-7%, which will make its price competitive to China‚Äôs OnePlus smartphones and some premium models of Samsung, which were insulated from price hikes due to the rise in customs duty since they are all locally produced in the country.”

Apple is currently producing the iPhone SE in India and plans to produce more iPhone models in the coming months. To read the entire report, head over to The Economic Times’ website.