Apple Recent Memo Warns Staff Of Company Leaks

Apple recently sent out an internal memo warning staff members of consequences for leaking detailed information regarding Apple’s products, launch event dates, etc.

It’s apparent that Apple wants to put a halt to employees leaking company confidential information to the public due to a recent measure that has been taken. The recent company memo states that those that leak company information could lose their jobs, and could even be arrested. According to Apple, last year 29 staff members were caught leaking confidential company information, and out of the 29, 12 were arrested.

Since the company continues to grow, the problem of keeping certain projects a secret has become an issue, for example by the time a new iPhone is in the making of preparing to launch, the information regarding the new iPhone is leaked. Apple feels its rival companies would have a heads up on what to expect, or how to modify their product to compete with Apple before its product could debut publicly.

The memo went on to state that not only would those who leak information lose their job, but could also possibility even face jail time, and Apple could also press charges for massive fines for network intrusion and theft of trade secrets, which is said to be classified as federal crimes.

Source: Independent, Tech Crunch