Younity Lets iPhone Users Access PC, Mac Data

Have you ever wanted to remotely pull files from your PC or Mac while you’re on the go? Well, now you can with Younity.

Now, this isn’t like the Cloud. You see, for iCloud and similar services, you have to actually upload your files to the Cloud before you can remotely access them. But what happens when you’re in a meeting and you need that document, photo, spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation on the fly, but you forgot to upload to the cloud? Well, that’s where Younity comes in.

You can use Younity as a sort of remote interface between all your devices. Simply install Younity onto your PC and/or Mac and then install it on your iPhone or iPad. The program automatically searches through the contents of your computer and then enables you to access said content from your handset.

The only downside is that Younity can’t read or access external drives, so that’s a bit of a letdown. The app is available right now from their Official Website.

  • Erik Caso

    Thanks for the write up William. External drives are in development now. Stay tuned to our next few releases.

    Erik Caso