Apple Debuts Its Newest Recycled Robot “Daisy”

Apple’s latest recycled robot named “Daisy” is capable of dissembling up to 200 iPhones in one hour to recover valuable materials.

Apple has just announced its newest recycled robot Daisy, just before the arrival of Earth Day this coming Sunday. The company’s objective is to use the new robot to get closer to its goal of building all its gadgets from only using recycled materials in the future.

Daisy is also capable of disassembling nine different types of iPhone models from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 7 Plus. In the process of disassembling, the robot can also sort the components so that the company can recover certain materials that most traditional recyclist are unable to do at the level of Daisy.

Even though Daisy is said to be located in an Austin, Texas faculty, Apple is planning on adding  another recycle robot in the future in the Netherlands. It’s been reported that Apple would like to patent and invest in recycle robots sometime soon.

Source: PCMag

Photo Credit: TechTimes