Analyst Believe The iPhone X Won’t Survive The End Of This Year

One analyst sees doom for Apple’s latest iPhone, Neil Campling stated the iPhone X is likely to be discontinued this year for a number of reasons, one of the reasons is due to the cost.

Mirabaud Securities analyst Neil Campling recently spoke about how he believes Apple’s latest iPhone is headed for a dead-end. Campling analysis of the iPhone X looks doom and his reason for saying so is because he believes 1. The iPhone X was too expensive, 2. Weak guidance and inventory issues from one of Apple’s top supplier such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) and 3. Declining orders for the iPhone X. These seem to be the major reasons for Campling statement.

Campling explained that the oversupply of chips is a big concern, the reason why has to do with the large inventory count, in which he believes Apple will have to “burn off inventory.” Many investors are also concerned about the company AMS, which is Apple’s key supplier of 3-D sensing technology which is a key component used in the iPhone X, the sensor works with the Face ID feature which unlocks the iPhone.

Campling stated that any old inventory of the iPhone X models would still be available for sale, but he believes no new ones will be produced. On a much brighter and positive note, the analyst concluded by stating Apple will introduce later this year more affordable iPhones for the consumers to choose from.

Source:CNBC, Fortune