Anostyle Can Perma-Color Your iPhone

Have you wanted a true-to-life iPhone color that never chips, never fades, never diminishes for all of eternity? You’ll probably find Anostyle to your liking then.

The company specializes in coloring iPhones and iPads, as reported by the Cult of Mac. The idea, however, is that instead of just coloring your iDevice, Anostyle infuses the color into your handset so that it’s permanent…through and through.

The technique they use literally infuses the dye color of your choice into your iPhone. This results in your phone having a completely cool color that never fades, never chips away or never loses its aesthetic integrity. Neat eh?

If you want your iPhone Anostyled, it’ll only cost you $850. Good luck financing that color scheme.

  • Ally Kazmucha

    Where on earth are you getting $850 from? It’s $249