Check Out Apple’s Latest Ads Targeted Towards Android Users

Last week, Apple released a couple of iPhone ads that were aimed towards Android users to switch to an iPhone.

The ads are apart of Apple’s “Life’s easier on the iPhone” series. The first ad titled “App Store” shows a woman picking up an exploding app icon, she than walks over to the side that says “App Store” and is able to pick up an app without it exploding.

The second ad titled “Portraits” shows two portraits hanging on a wall, the portrait on the right side labeled “iPhone” shows the different Portrait Lighting features¬† that come on the iPhone X, which can make any photo look more professional.

Apple adds a link in every “Life’s easier on the iPhone” ad which takes viewers to the “Switch” website, a site dedicated for customers who use an Android or other type of smartphone to switch to an iPhone.

You can view the entire ads by watching them above.

  • Martinez

    Now companies who produce Android phones should make a headphone jack ad.