Apple’s MacBook Pro Butterfly Keyboard Design Has Caused Legal Issues

The MacBook Pro butterfly keyboard seems to attract dirt and different types of debris which will often cause the keyboard to fail.

Recent news states that a new class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple, the lawsuit claims Apple was aware of this design issue before the company launched the device.

It seems the problem with the latest butterfly keyboard update on the 2016 MacBook Pro has caused double the trouble for the company. Not only has keyboard issues jumped in percentage compared to the previous design, but now a lawsuit has been filed against Apple as well. The alleged lawsuit claims “thousands” of users have been affected by this butterfly keyboard problem, and that just minimal dust or debris has caused the keyboard to fail, which of course causes the device to be labeled as broken and inoperable for the use intended.

Another issue that has been created by this problem is the repair cost, which is quite costly. The 2016 and 2017 butterfly keyboard mechanism models have been designed that if the keys are damaged, basically in any way, then the whole assembly has to be replaced, which includes not only the keyboard but also the battery, upper casing, and the Thunderbolt 3 ports. An out-of-warranty keyboard repair could cost around $700, which is quite steep for what should be just a keyboard issue.


Source: 9to5Mac, digitaltrends