Apple’s New Ad Spotlights “Portrait Lighting” On The iPhone X

The latest ad for the iPhone X titled “Studio In Your Pocket” focuses on the different aspects that Portrait Lighting offers on the iPhone X.

The new 38-second video ad titled “Studio In Your Pocket” spotlights Portrait Lighting on the iPhone X, the ad starts off with a young lady in a train station taking a self-portrait of herself using the Portrait Lighting feature on her iPhone X.  The ad exaggerates by showing multiple studio lighting equipment surrounding the young lady, giving the impression that Portrait Lighting on the iPhone X can give the same effect as being in a studio with multiple lighting equipment. Click to watch video below:

The feature Portrait Lighting is available on the front and rear camera of the iPhone X, this feature allows the user to add studio quality lighting effects to images while in the motion of taking photos, or after the shot when editing the photos.

Apple states that Portrait Lighting uses a high-tech algorithm to calculate how facial features interact with light, this allows the data to create unique lighting effects. Portrait Lighting offers Natural Light, Studio Light (lighting the face), Contour Light (adds dramatic shadows), Stage Light (spotlights the face against a dark background), and Stage Light Mono (Stage Light, but in black and white).

Source: MacRumors