Apple Could Debut A New Beats Branded HomePod For $199

The latest rumor regarding Apple’s HomePod has it that Apple may present a cheaper smart speaker under the Beats brand name.

Rumor has it that Apple plans to make some major changes with its HomePod smart speaker, first of all, talk has it that Apple could change supplier for the HomePod. Rumor has it that Apple and MediaTek are talking of making a cheaper HomePod, and that Apple wants to lower the cost of the HomePod from $349 to $199. As a comparison, the current average cost for a smart speaker is around $100, so it would be understandable why Apple would want to lower the price in order to compete with its competitors’ prices. Another rumor is speculating if the cost drops down, expect either the audio quality to drop, or lose Siri, this would make the Homepod just an in-home listening device.

The third rumor has it that Apple wants to brand the HomePod under the Beats brand, so maybe changing suppliers would also mean changing the brand name as well. Some are stating that Apple may present another cheaper version of the original HomePod under the Beats brand name calling it the AirPlay 2 which Apple originally announced last year, the product was featured under the Beats brand name. As always, stay tuned for more updates, rumors, and talks as information surfaces regarding the HomePod.

Source: 9to5mac, iphoneracks