Rumor States Apple’s Latest Project Is Codename “Star”

One of the most recent rumors states that Apple has a new secret project named “Star,” this new project is said to be an entirely new line of computers.

The recent rumor regarding project “Star” has it that Apple is secretly working on a new line of hybrid touchscreen computers to add to the company’s device family. Talk has it that Apple plans to make a distinct difference with this new project from its MacBook and iPad Pro line. The only resemblance would be this new project would run a derivative of iOS, a SIM slot card, GPS, compass, and water- resistant. Another rumor has stated that a small number of this project “Star”(aka “N84”) has been manufactured by Apple supplier Pegatron, and recently shipped to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

Talk also states that this new “Star” project will run a specification called Extension Firmware Interface (EFI), which could mean this new project might steer toward being an ARM-based notebook, or MacBook. Yet another rumor believes Apple is planning to make some modifications on either the MacBook or the iPad Pro line, and also make changes of moving away from Intel. As already stated, these are rumors and talks on what project “Star” could be. Stay tuned as more information surfaces regarding Apple’s new project “Star”.