Apple’s HomePod Debuts June 18th In Canada, France And Germany

Recent reports state that Apple’s smart speaker will be arriving soon in Canada, France, and Germany. Consumers in these countries will be able to listen to their favorite songs as well as use Siri as their personal assistant to complete tasks.

Apple plans to debut its quality high-end smart speaker in three counties on June 18th, the HomePod will be able to enable language support for Canadian English, French, and German once the user’s HomePod software is updated to iOS 11.4.

The software update brings good news for HomePod users, the update will allow for stereo pairing, the setup pairing is automatic when a HomePod is installed in the same room as an existing one, only one speaker will communicate to the response. In addition, more bass extension is said to come, and Air Play 2, which will bring upgrades for multi-room streaming through iOS, and even sweeter, the AirPlay 2 is said to be compatible with devices from a wide range of third-party manufacturers.

Source: Techcrunch





  • Sparkles

    I wonder what the prices will be like.

  • JassieJane

    Very beautiful and stylish speakers.