Check Out The Newest Version Of WatchOS 5

Apple recently released the WatchOS 5 beta version to developers right after the WWDC keynote. The new WatchOS has many new features and updates.

Users can look forward to the Apple Watch having some improved health tracking fitness, as well as a new Competition mode, this new mode will allow the user to compete with friends while offering different incentives for achieving goals. The Auto-Workout Detection provides an alert when to start the right workout, as well as notify the user when to end the workout. Another new feature is the Walkie-Talkie mode, users will be able to communicate with friends directly just by tapping the talk button in the app. Users can look forward to a Podcast app being added, which will allow them to tune-in on the latest episode while on the go. WebKit is another new member of WatchOS which allows the user to view web pages from Messages or emails.

Users can expect a Siri watch face update which will provide more information on favorite sports teams, updated commute and traffic information, as well as heart rate, and much more. Another added feature to look out for is Siri Shortcuts, this new feature allows users to find shortcuts to activities such as checking on a flight, ordering coffee, or extending restaurant reservations. In addition, Workout app will have Yoga and Hiking to track calories and to earn exercise minutes.

The new version WatchOS 5 is expected to launch either in September at Apple’s Fall event, or later in 2018.

Source: Digitaltrends