Intel & Qualcomm Will Manufacture The 2018 iPhone Modem Chips

The latest report states that both Intel and Qualcomm will produce Apple’s 2018 modem chips for the upcoming fall iPhone lineup.

Talk has it that Intel has already started manufacturing the modem chips that will be used in some of Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhones. Talk also states that at this time Intel will share the responsibility of manufacturing the 2018 modem chips with Qualcomm until Qualcomm production ends. It seems Intel has been provided to produce 70% of the mass production, leaving Qualcomm to produce the balance of 30%.

At this point, Apple and Qualcomm are having legal issues which seem to point to a slow separation of their business partnership, during this slow business departure, reports are stating that Intel has faced some unresolved quality issues during its production stage, which has put Apple in a situation of depending on Qualcomm inventory of modem chips.

Intel will provide its XMM7560 modem chip which has improved LTE speed and is said to download speeds up to 1 gigabit per second while supporting both CDMA and GSM. However, at this time the XMM7560 modem chip does not support 5G, Intel expects its first 5G modem to be available in 2019.


Source: Appleinsider, 9to5mac

Photo Credit: Macrumors