Look For Apple’s New High-End AirPods Coming In 2019

The latest report states Apple plans to make some changes to its highly popular AirPods, customers can expect a launch date next year.

Recent talk has it that Apple plans to present a more improved high-end AirPod, the new AirPod is said to have noise cancellation and water resistance features, but it should be noted, the water resistance is not to the point of submerging to swim with.

The AirPods will also have increased Bluetooth range which is said to work away from the iPhone and iPad, reports are also stating the new AirPods are supposed to come with a heart-rate monitor very similar to the Apple Watch. The high-end AirPods will have a wirelessly charging case which is in development and will be compatible with Apple’s upcoming AirPower wireless charging pad.

With all the new high-end improvements, of course the upcoming AirPods is said to cost more than the current $159 AirPods. Talk has it that Apple plans to work with Foxconn for supplying the new AirPods, the present AirPods are produced by Inventec and Luxshare Precision.

Source: Bloomberg, Cnet





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