Amazon’s Alexa App Now Supports Voice Control on iOS

Recently Amazon announced that its Alexa iOS app will soon support voice control, users will soon have the ability to interact with Alexa on some Apple devices.

Apple iOS users will soon be able to welcome the updated Amazon Alexa app for voice control. At this time Alexa will only be available to control any Echo devices in the user home or any Alexa enabled smart home devices such as an iPhone or iPad that are directly within the app while using your voice.

Once the Alexa app is installed, users will have the ability to ask Alexa for assistance for music playback, smart home controls, web queries such as for weather updates, sports, movies and calendar information, as well as other compatible Alexa skills. The user’s voice can only be used within the Alexa app, and Alexa cannot take the place of Siri voice assistant on the iPhone.

Amazon has stated that the update will be available to iOS devices in the coming days as a free download.

Source: Techcrunch,