Samsung Releases Redacted Version of the Apple-HTC Agreement


Samsung has published a redacted version of the accord Apple and HTC reached with regards to their legal battle.A few days ago, the court ruled that the agreement must remain unsealed. They reached a patent agreement and had the terms of it sealed. Samsung didn’t like that as the information within could be useful with its own patent litigation with Apple.

The documents Samsung released say both Apple and HTC are getting nonexclusive, nontransferable and non-sublicensable license to a list of patents. The list has been redacted. Apple agrees not to sue over certain covered products. The products in question have been redacted. The agreement excludes Apple’s design patents and nine of HTC patents. It also excludes coverage for any products that are said to be cloning an Apple product.

Samsung is hoping that they can use these documents to discredit Apple’s assertion that they need these protection to be able to stay competitive. Apple has filed to have certain Samsung products banned in the US.

You can read the 140-page ink soaked document here.