Nomsters Launches For iOS

Indie developer Large Animal Games has announced that their iOS title Nomsters has officially launched.

The game is described as combining the likes of Pinball and Pool into one fun-filled interactive experience for your iPhone or iPad.

Players will take control of the Nomsters in their fight against fruit flies, using bumpers and puzzles to battle their way to victory and protect the fruit from the unlawful invaders.

Wade Tinney, CEO of the company commented about the game’s release, saying…

“As Large Animal’s first independently funded and published mobile game, Nomsters represents an exciting new direction for us,”…”We couldn’t be happier to bring this blend of fast-paced, arcade-puzzle action to mobile gamers around the world. We’ve fallen in love with the Nomsters and we hope others will too.”

The game is currently available for Apple’s iDevices and will be available soon for other mobile handsets. You can learn more by visiting the Official Website.