ipico Turns iPhone Into Projector

Need a device to quickly project work, spreadsheets, workstation manifestos or other business or education related material onto a screen for an audience in a timely matter? Well, a new device from GIC called ipico can turn your iPhone into a projector to cover any of your projection-related needs.

As reported by CBS News, the ipico is a four-ounce device that easily and conveniently snaps onto your iPhone and can then use images, videos and other media stored on the phone or websites, etc., to project outward for everyone to see with a viewing range from as small as five-inches to as large as 50 inches.

In order to make use of the ipico, users must install the app, which then enables you to surf the web, storage drives or your own iPhone to use as a projector.

For more info, be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website. The ipico hand-held projector is currently available for $129.99.