Roblox App Coming to iOS

Roblox Corporation is planning on bringing the popular PC title to Apple’s mobile handsets sooner rather than later. The game is gearing up for a release on iPhones and iPads.

Communications manager at Roblox Corporation, Andrew Haak stated that…

What’s especially cool about the app is it will be one of the first to make user-generated content — games, models, avatar clothing — a focus. It’s like an avenue for an everyday user to get their games/creations in front of a new and even bigger audience. On top of that, mobile and desktop users will share game servers, so everyone connects in the same worlds.

That’s a really cool feature for the game, given that the expansion of bringing PC content to mobile devices and sharing that content between both versions will not only help expand the PC community but it’ll also help bring that same audience to the mobile space as well.

You can look for Roblox for the iOS to launch next week on the app store. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.