Whipster Gear Scores Big With iPhone Cases

Casing iPhones has become a really big thing. So big, in fact, that some companies like Whipster Gear have hit it quite large in the financial sector thanks to their retro-styled iPhone cases.

The Midland Daily News covering beats in Ontario, Canada, has a story about how Whispter Gear has been on the financial radar lately after making it quite big selling retro looking iPhone cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Joseph Azulay, VP of Business Development commented about why Whipster has been making such a splash. Saying…

“Whipster Gear iPhone cases are very different from the mainstream because their old school design is developed to give customers a truly retro feel,” …“The feedback we have received from early purchasers has been overwhelmingly positive,”

You can purchase a Whispter Gear iPhone case right now for only $29.95 from the official Whipster website. Designs range from everything as snazzy as a cigarette pack to a typewriter to a makeup case. They truly are hip designs with a retro flair.