VinylizeMe Launches For iOS

Have you been trapped in old-schoolism? Do you still want to keep all your music in vinyl? Well, a new app helps make it all happen called VinylizeMe for the iOS.

You can use the app to transform pictures into vinyl album covers or iPhonography using a measure of filters and options to give your cover a classic look. The app was meet with minor mixed feelings over at Technology Tell who felt like the editing screens could have been condensed in their step-by-step process, but it was otherwise labeled as a solid app for those who enjoy messing around with creating album covers, posters and pictures.

If you combine this app with the OpenIn app you’ll be able to easily create your own album covers and print them out all from the comfort of your iPhone. You can grab the VinylizeMe app right now for your iPhone or iPad for only $1.99.