Hi5 Powerbank Case Charges And Protects Your iPhone 5

So one of the things people like doing is protecting their iPhone. But what if there was a case that not only protected your iPhone but also charged it, too? Say ‘hello’ to the Hi5 Powerbank case.

The iBattZ Hi5 Powerbank case is an aluminum, solid-state covering that can charge or power USB-enabled devices, as reported by Technology Tell.

The Hi5 has a sleek design and comes with a high-grade, built-in 2500 mAh rechargeable aluminum battery that can both power and revitalize your mobile device.

The Hi5 is compatible with the iPhone 5, and should work wonders for those long days when you aren’t near a charging station. You can grab the Hi5 Powerbank case from the official website for $79.95.