Tripomatic Makes Trip Planning Easy For iOS

For people who like to plan where they want to go and what they want to see on a trip before actually taking a trip, the new Tripomatic app can help with that.

Tripomatic is a free app that lets you scout, plan and save your travel itinerary well before you even reach your destination. Pick out famous museums, historical sites and other travel sights for your out-of-the-norm travel exploits.

Tripomatic gives you easy access to locations and tourists spots without you having to call around or search them out in that complicated thing known as the interweb.

PC Mag, however, pinpoints a rather drastic downside to Tripomatic and it’s that the service doesn’t offer an offline save-mode. This means that the elaborate itinerary you work out can only be access online, which makes it a little pointless when you’re in an area where your iOS device doesn’t have access to online services. Still, if you like planning vacations well in advance before you actually go, Tripomatic seems like a cool service to put to use.