Case Scenario iPhone 5 Cases Bring The Sexy

A new set of Pantone, House of Holland and Keith Haring iPhone cases have been launched just in time for the holiday rush and explicitly for the iPhone 5.

The new cases, collected and showcased courtesy of Slash Gear, showcase a range of pop-cultural, pop-artist designs and coloring.

Slash Gear gets into the nitty-gritty details of the coloring schemes, the dye process and the look of each collection. If you’re seriously into the whole meta-decor of mobile phone aesthetic enhancement then you’ll probably appreciate the new line of pop-art cases for Apple’s iPhone 5.

What’s more is that no matter what case you go with they’re all going for the very, very affordable price of $34.95. Compared to some other custom design cases out there, it’s not only affordable but blatantly cheap by comparison, especially when considering the style and technique of some of the designs. You can grab an iPhone 5 case from the various artists right now from Case Scenario.

  • Marawan

    Do you guys know any case that when I look at it I’ll be able to go like, “DAMN! This looks fu**ing sexy!” Cuz that’s the case I’ve been looking for