Call Bliss Enhances iOS 6 Feature

A new app called Call Bliss enhances a new feature for iOS 6 called “Do not disturb”, making it easier for people to manage who they get calls from.

The San Francisco Chronicle details the new app, which is currently available for the latest rendition of the iOS.

Randy Hill, president of nVariance commented in the press release about the app, saying…

“Wherever you go, Call Bliss automatically ensures callers you want to talk to can reach you — and those you don’t, can’t,”… “Call Bliss users gain peace of mind knowing they won’t miss important calls, while no longer being bothered by unwanted callers.”

Users can manually manage which lists contain which callers. So you can specify when certain groups are allowed to call you. For instance, if you have a mistress that you don’t want your wife to know about, you can have it where she can’t call while you’re at home but it works just fine while you’re work.

Alternatively, if you have a boyfriend that you don’t want your husband to know about, you can have the calls blocked when you’re around hubby, but any other time the call comes through. Call Bliss makes cheating on spouses blissful.

You can pick up the app right now for only $2.99…and make sure you don’t tell your significant other about it.