iOS 6 iPhone 5 Jailbreak Coming Soon

The iPhone 5 already has a tethered jailbreak, but now jailbreaker Dream JB is promising an untethered one.Jailbreaker JB is promising an untethered jailbreak before Christmas to be released on December 22nd. Dream JB has promised proof of the accomplishment via youtube video. You can watch part 1 below. Part 2 is still being uploaded.

  • Rlg

    Already proved FAKE!!!

  • Eric the regurgitator

    Eric Swain, be a journalist and do your research. It has already been proven a useless fake.

  • Brad

    the iphone 5 already has a tethered jailbreak ?? whaaat ?

  • Hhyu

    This guys so fucking stupid EVERYTHING he posted is false information, there is NO tethered jailbreak for the iphone 5, and Dream JB has been proven fake so idk what this guys saying but its pointless to consider anything u read from him