Roblox Now Available For iOS

Create and play games right now with Roblox, the game creation suite that has recently become available for iOS devices.

Gamers interested in creating their own worlds, expanding their creativity and imagination can easily do so with Roblox. The game is hailed as a mix between Game Maker Studio, Minecraft and LEGOs.

David Baszucki, CEO behind the design studio, stated in the press release that…

“Many ROBLOX builders are teenagers or younger, and ROBLOX Mobile gives them the power to launch their level on the iPad and start playing with friends in minutes,”… “Game enthusiasts are spending more and more time playing on tablets and phones. Now we can offer ROBLOX builders an easy way to leverage that movement and reach a new audience.”

It’s interesting to note that with a lot of teenagers get into Roblox and having fun creating and sharing experiences with one another, there is no age limit to the building-blocks design suite.

With graphics easy enough on the eyes to recommend for young kids, and enough complexity to make some strikingly fun games, Roblox should make as a great time-waster while your on the go for your mobile phone, whether you’re designing or playing, the content that the software offers is nearly limitless. You can grab the Roblox app right now for iPhones and iPads off the app store for free.