How to Watch Free TV on Your iPhone

There are a lot of streaming TV apps out there, but none of them are available without eating into your data plan, except for EyeTV.

Elgato System’s new app and antenna device connects to any iPhone 4 or higher device with a Lightning 30-pin connector. Instead of streaming movies via your data plan with internet access, the antenna reaches out and grabs TV waves, cutting out pesky financial middle-men.

The device, however, is not inherently cheap and it will run you a breezy $100 even. The upside is that it attaches to your iPad, iPod and iPhone, so it’s a great alternative to watching TV without having to pay extra. You can even get a complete roadmap of the TV channels available with the accompanying app.

  • TomasHunter

    That’s a cool little device, but between the cost of the unit, and the lack of Over the Air channels in my area, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I will stick with my free DISH Remote Access app. I use it to stream local news programs while I am stuck on the bus during my daily commute to my office at DISH, but it can be used to stream any channel I subscribe to as well as recordings from my DVR. Granted, it does use phone data, but I am on an unlimited plan.