Ridiculous Lobster Case Announced For iPhone

While most of the iPhone case covers we writer about here are of the spiffy, cool, rugged, original, unique or artistic type; something that makes you want to dress up your iPhone and give it a bit of extra style or class. Well, a new iPhone case has been announced that aims to remove all the class, style, intrigue and artistry from your iPhone and it’s called the Lobster Case.

CNET does a bit of a spoofy write-up on the new case from Noddy Boffin who actually designed the case as a cell phone deterrent.

Boffin states on his blog that…

Unlike the typical phone case, it doesn’t offer functionality of protection and style. Its features include; camera incapability, ergonomically awkward, too big for your pocket or handbag and most importantly, it’s ability to cause its users embarrassment.

I’m in. Where do I sign up for one?

If you’re “In” too and you want to sign up for a Lobster Mobile Telephone Case you’ll have to wait for official pricing and availability, just like the rest of us attention-whoring, fulfillment-deficient flesh suits. That’s right, there’s no official price for the Lobster Case but when it becomes available you can bet your silicone bottom we’ll list the price for you and everyone else who wants to make their iPhone as inaccessible and ridiculous looking as possible.