Apple Talking With Foursquare Over Data-Sharing Deal

A new report claims that Apple is now in talks with Foursquare to integrates its local data into their Maps app.With Google’s huge success with their recently released Google Maps app, Apple is continuing to look for ways to improve its own map app efforts. Apple senior P Eddy Cue was brought in on the project specifically to shake things up, including making deals with companies that have experience and data in this field. Foursquare seems to be the new target with which they want to work with.

Foursquare could certainly help Apple’s woes with its social network boasting over 20 million users checking in to locations all over the world. Also, Apple could use Foursquare’s user ratings on various places to offer better search results.

Since its debut in September, Apple’s Maps has offered nothing but trouble to both the company and its customers. Previously reports indicated that Apple was in talks with TomTom and we have no reason to believe they still aren’t.