Man Shoots Craigslist Sellers For iPhone

A couple selling an iPhone over Craiglist found themselves on the wrong end of the transaction when the buyer pulled a gun on them and shot them for the iPhone.

According to the New York Daily News, the couple tried selling an iPhone over Craigslist when things went horribly wrong during the transaction phase.

A man and woman decided to meet the buyer in a McDonalds parking lot – and that could have been one of their problems right there – where they invited the buyer into their BMW to scope out the iPhone that he would be purchasing for the set price. However, things didn’t go over well and the man shot both the man and woman after a struggle and took their iPhone.

According to Lt. Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department…

“The investigation is still ongoing,” … “There are still some issues with victims’ stories that we are checking out.”

The couple managed to drive themselves to the hospital after sustaining non-life threatening injuries, however the gunman and iPhone thief is still at large.