Mr. Pig Muddy Now Available For iOS

The new game from Keesing Games and Gamious has recently launched for mobile handsets, giving gamers a tactical strategy game slightly different from the norm.

Players basically use the strategically placed structural items to try to get the pig into the mud bath. The game hasn’t received any reviews as of the writing of this article but they should be piling in soon.

According to the press release…

Mr. Pig Muddy features 130 levels of progressively difficult gameplay, offering hours of physics puzzle action that will challenge even the most adept puzzler. The first 29 levels can be played for free, and players can purchase the full game for $0.99

The game is pretty small and clocks in at about 18mb and as mentioned, the title is initially free-to-play so you can test out and get a feel for the title before plunking down any funds.