iPhone Controlled Dragonfly Drone Coming Soon

A new aerial dragonfly drone has been going through the motions on the crowd-funding scene and soon it’ll be available via an online shopping portal near you.

According to the Cult of Mac, the Dragonfly Drone from TechJect has already received a $1 million funding contribution from U.S. Air Force, and they’ve managed to garner even more support on IndieGoGo with crowd-funds reaching $707,000.

So what’s the Dragonfly Drone good for? You can fly it around, spy on people and take aerial photography. The best part about it is that you can control the drone using your iPhone. How nifty is that?

You’ll be able to purchase the Dragonfly Drone for $119.99, which isn’t half bad considering that it weighs only an ounce and you can fly it indoors and outdoors and it’s as silent as a fly that had its buzz clipped. You can learn more by visiting the official IndieGoGo page.