Major iPhone 5 Problem Discovered

There’s been a growing set of problems associated with Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 5. Many users are reporting a battery drainage issue.

According to CNET, a growing number of iPhone 5 users running iOS 6.0.2. are running into battery draining problems, similar to what was reported when the first iteration of iOS 6 launched with the iPhone 5.

According to Tech Radar, however, the problem does not persist for iPad Mini users and not all iPhone 5 users are reeling from a fast battery drain. Some speculate that the battery drain may be in relation to a faulty interchange between the latest release of iOS and the iPhone 5’s WiFi, while others speculate that it could just be a continuing problem from way back when still plaguing iPhone 5 handsets.

  • Saad Itani

    Best iphone till now is the 4s! Full stop.

  • Cucu

    Ios 6.0.2?

  • Lathan Card

    I am kind of having this issue. I had to chage my phone 3 times yesterday.

  • shashibiya

    No such problem. At all. It’s a great phone.

  • dd0723

    Yup yup. I have this problem all the time wether I have LTE or wifi on or off. I unplug the phone at 100% and within minutes it goes down to 88% with no usage. I’ve only had the iPhone 5 for 2 months and I’m thinking of getting it exchanged to see if it’s the phone. I’ve already done the refresh of the cycle by letting it drain completely before charging it fully, and it doesn’t help.
    I work from home so I always have it on wifi unless I go out, then is on LTE.

  • Jason G

    Apple has exchanged my 5 because of this very issue. Wifi stopped functioning regularly & battery life stunk. Went from charging once a day to 3-4 times a day. All happened after updating to 6.0.2

  • Eduardo Andrade

    I ve this problem it really takes 1% of battery per minute if im using internet or wi-fi applicattions!

  • Iphoneuser

    I have this problem, my iphone 4 had much better battery life and whilst the iphone 5’s battery wasn’t very good in the first place 6.02 has completely destroyed it.

  • Deepak

    Just returned my iPhone 5 after using too much of data in house whereas other apple devices have no issues on wifi network. LTE was never on? Also the battery drains faster after doing the iOS 6.02 upgrade. Apple needs to get all the issues resolved fast as they may lose some of their loyal Apple fans to competition….oh wait 5s is coming out this summer!

  • Raj

    WIFI signal is strong in iphone 4 but Iphone 5 says “Unable to join” most of the times, Also the camera got a huge problem, zigzag – glare occurs while taking pictures.

  • hpone

    Why don’t you all buy something else. Seems obvious but there you are…

  • bonnarda

    I’m up to my 3rd iPhone 5. The first one had an unresponsive home button. The second had a randomly unresponsive screen. The third one had a loose (unglued) battery.

  • penny

    Some rumors told this issues, but now there are some articles told that iOS 6.1.2 will fix major security issue

  • Litsa

    Did anyone experience a problem with the screen? Today mine did something twice for the first time. My phone was locked and iwas going to unlocked it and i pressed the home button and it didnt respond i also pressed the power button and either respond. I have had to pressed it 10 times in order for the screen to respond. Did anyone experience the same problem?

    • mjmpdx

      I’ve had the same problem. I’ve also had a problem with charging. Not sure if it’s the phone or the cable but I have to maneuver things around quite a bit sometimes before it will start charging.

  • Kevin

    I love my phone and have no problem with it.

  • Virgo Child

    Major problems, cant even stay connected to the wifi, my battery drains while i am not even using it! While my daughter has the 4s has no issues the crap 5 has made me hate the iPhone. Get it together like yesterday apple!! Cause droid is killing u!!

  • Gmoney

    I work for Best Buy and I opened 6 brand new Iphone cases and they ALL had minor dings or scratches on the phone. Brand new out of the box, the customer would not buy until we found him one that was in perfect new condition, shockingly, which we failed to do so, but luckily for us he finally accepted one that had a very tiny scuff. Apparently, the manufacturer handles them very roughly before they ship them out. FYI.

  • I hate iphone5

    I have had SOOOOO many problems with my iPhone 5 had to get 2 new ones within a month with speaker and Internet issues now my speaker just went out and guess what it will cost me an arm and leg to get a new one I hate this phone

  • maddie

    im on my second iPhone 5 because of the sensitivity

  • Brett TheWop Macharelli

    I’m going on my third iPhone 5,within 3 weeks. It sucks

  • Princessdpa

    Within two weeks my speaker blew out. Then next week when I go to use my touch screen it isn’t working. Then next week my battery is draining. I charge it from like 6pm till 7am and then when I get to work at 8am it is at 95% and by 12:30pm it is like at 18% and goes dead by 1pm. Now I go into to check out wallpapers and the pictures are all hazy. I am also out of storage. On my Iphone 4 I had the same amount of data and now it is gone. I am really hating the Iphone 5. Also, I am home and my wifi never turns on and when it does turn on it turns off quickly. Never had my Iphone 4 do this. Should of just gotten the Iphone 4S.

  • Donnie

    My IPhone 5 just downloaded a ghost app that I can’t get rid of. When I hit it a grey block comes up with Favorites, voice control, device, home etc. Very annoying because I can’t make the thing go away. Anyone else out there with this problem. Have tried everything to delete and can’t.

  • TH

    All of a sudden I don t get notifications on text and emAil