iPhone Helps Boost 3G Adoption in China

New reports have indicated that the iPhone is part of a big reason that 3G adoption rates have increased exponentially in China throughout 2012.

Digitimes [via BGR] is reporting that China’s 3G subscription rates has increased by 88% in year-over-year comparisons. It’s being reported that 3G users represent 20.1% of the entire mobile market in China compared to in 2011 where the numbers were around 12.2%.

Analysts are attributing the increase in 3G adoption rates to the availability of iPhones in China. The only company who doesn’t offer the iPhone, China Mobile, actually saw a decrease in 3G subscribers by 4% in year-over-year subscriber numbers. Some analysts believe that Apple and China Mobile will make a deal at some point in 2013 to provide an iPhone through the mobile carrier.