1.76 Billion Apps Downloaded in One Week

That’s right, 1.76 billion apps were downloaded in one week for iOS and Android powered devices. This all occurred over the course of the holiday.

Ars Technica scooped up the story from the Flurry Analytics blog where they pinpoint the amount of apps downloaded throughout the holiday season and from how many devices.

According to FA, more than 17.4 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas day and 328 million apps were downloaded across both devices as well. That’s insane! It’s like everyone who received a smartphone decided to instantly boot everything up and head straight to the app store to grab as many cool apps as they could find.

What’s more is that between Christmas and new year’s day more than 50 million mobile smartphones were activated. And, of course, between that time the 1.76 billion app marker was reached.