Apple Skipping iPhone 5S For iPhone 6?

In what could be labeled as a major upset in the world of chronological mobile tech advancement, some rumors indicate that Apple could completely forgo the arbitrary inclusion of an iPhone 5S to their line-up and instead skip right ahead to the iPhone 6.

Rumors for any and all things Apple, the Cupertino, California based tech giant, are about as frequent as a penny in a sofa. However, sometimes some rumors manage to find weight and legs thanks to where they originate from and who bothers to invest time in pacifying the flames that keep the rumors burning.

In this case, MCV UK, a well-established outlet marred very rarely, managed to get hold of a rumor from PCR where some developers are claiming that information logs are moving against the traditional rollout of Apple handhelds.

According to PCR…

“Whilst the data can be faked, previous instances would suggest the data is legitimate since the location information and identifier are identical to that of previous iPhone prototypes, all of which were tested in Cupertino, California, the location of Apple’s HQ,”

MCV believes that the rumor may be confirmed or squashed at the WWDC Event where Apple is likely to roll out the next generation of handheld(s) and the newest version of the iOS.


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  • naurizofficial

    in your dreams, zombies.

  • e_cell

    Apparently, this didn’t happen. Not only Apple had been unpredictable, but also its greatest rival, Android. Aside from rolling out Key Lime Pie version, they broke the anticipation of people by rolling out Android KitKat… and the rest was history. But I’d still be expecting the iPhone 6 to be launched this coming 2014–anticipating.