Hybrid Controller Launches For iPhone 5

Need a quick way to type on your iPhone 5 or want a better way to play your iOS apps? Well, the new EX Hybrid Controller is a good way to go.

Tech Crunch spotted the new device from the iPhoneMod crew, who unleashed a new video to show off how their nifty device works for Apple’s latest handset. Check it out in the promo video below.

The accessory offers two types of functionality, as showcased in the video above: one is a magnetic keyboard that easily and conveniently attaches to your iPhone 5 and the other is a magnetic gamepad that easily and conveniently attaches to your iPhone 5.

Both attachments can then be placed onto the magnetic clip attachment that connects to the back of your iPhone 5, so you have a neat way to switch between using a gamepad and using a keyboard, great for word processing via your iPhone as well as playing more control-dependent titles like Infinity Blade.

You can learn more about the EX Hybrid Controller over at the iPhone 5 Mod Website.