Google Outpaces Apple With OS Market Share

The battle of mobile operating systems continues to stay heated as Google and Apple battle it out with their handset operating systems.

According to Biz Journals, Google has outpaced Apple with OS market share by 1.1 percent since August to November, bringing the total to 53.7 percent.

Alternatively, Apple only seen a 0.7 percent increase in OS market share value, bringing their total to only 35 percent even. Clearly, Google has the leg up on the competition but the big question is whether they’ll be able to keep a lead on Apple now that the iPhone 5 is being sold in China and other emerging markets?

  • lrd555

    Aplle’s revenues come in 6 times that of Googles. While Samsung makes all the $ from Android. Leaving Google with the bill. Making OS market share numbers irrelevant.