Apple Could Sell 50 Million iPhones in First Quarter

Apple is always under the business microscope, with analysts always chiming in on Apple’s potential forecasts. A new report suggests that Apple could have moved more than 50 million iPhones during the first fiscal quarter.

According to BGR, Rob Cihra of Evercore Partners has a good and highly positive outlook for Apple’s business. Ahead of reports scheduled to go public on January 23rd, Cihra believes that Apple will post numbers around the 50 million mark for iPhone handsets shipped during the first quarter.

There’s an estimated 35% year-over-year growth expected, and an 86% increase compared to the previous quarter. Also, thanks to the release of the iPad Mini, the tablet SKUs are expected to come in at around 24 million moved throughout the quarter.

For now, these are just estimates but it’s entirely possible, thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5 in more than 100 countries that 50 million SKUs shipped during the first quarter is a complete possibility.