Officials Destroy Counterfeit iPhone Peripherals

If you think that it’s easy getting counterfeit peripherals into the country for the iPhone and using them on your device, think again.

The Seattle Times is reporting on a story originally uncovered by the Anchorage Daily News from Anchorage, Alaska, where an inspector needled out a plot from foreigners to get 12,000 counterfeit cables and adapters into market circulation here in North America.

Luckily (or unfortunately for those who want cheap peripherals) the inspector and crew seized the 12,000 parts when officials found out about the parts at FedEx’s Anchorage sorting facility.

According to spokesman Frank Falcon, the parts were worth more than $636,000, and were being prepped to be sold to retail chains and online stores, but the dead giveaway was that the packaging was of poor quality and it had become apparent that a fake Apple logo was stamped on the parts.

The customs officials have destroyed all the counterfeit parts.