iPhone Theater Device Announced

Whenever there’s a futuristic movie out there they always include some ridiculous device that makes audiences scoff and roll their eyes. Well, you won’t be rolling your eyes at this one because this device for iPhones is real and it’s called the iPhone Theater.

Designed by Mike Enayah, the iPhone Theater projects video directly to your peripheral vision with a hands-free headset that can fold in front of your eyes similar to the way a retractable microphone works for gaming headsets.

The iPhone Theater has a wooden finish over the top head-strap and lining the ear-cups, giving it a nice home furnished feel.

The iPhone itself sits inside the theater Grabcad and is positioned directly in front of your eyes for comfortable viewing. I have no idea how practical this device is and whether or not it’ll catch on, given that you can’t really walk around outside with it and it could definitely serve a purpose on bus, subway, train or airplane rides, but it just seems like it might be more convenient to just wait until you get home to watch media on a large screen without a bulky contraption on your head.

You can check out more images of the iPhone Theater over on the official website.